Origin Resident Evil Series
Flavor Jill was part of a special operationstask force that was taken down by atraitor within its ranks. She sets outafter the traitor and the associationbehind the incident, but it leads to thecreation of an all-new nightmare.
Element RED
Hero Art 1 Ultimate Weapon
Description Explore for Rocket Launcher and give it -1 MP.
Hero Art 2 Genesis
Description Add 2 random cards from among all cards you have obtained with Explore this battle to the EX Pocket. Give those cards -1 MP. (MP costs cannot drop below 1.)(If only 1 card has been found through Explore, only 1 card will be added to the EX Pocket.)
Hero Art 3 Antibody Activation
Description If your Explore Count is 3 or higher, give 1 friendly unit +1/+3 and <Shield>.

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