Origin Resident Evil Series
Flavor An elusive spy whose intentions and trueidentity remain a mystery. She carriesout her work with an almost clinicaldetachment. Having cast off her blackrobe, she appears before the heroes asher secret plan enters its final stage.
Element PURPLE
Hero Art 1 Blackout
Description Remove 1 enemy unit with 3 or less Attack from the game.
Hero Art 2 Mirage Decoy
Description Lock all of your empty board slots for 10 seconds, then return all enemy units with an MP cost equal to or less than the number of board slots that were inflicted with Lock +2 to the deck.
Hero Art 3 Break Away
Description Return 1 friendly purple unit to your EX Pocket and give it -2 MP. (MP costs cannot fall below 1.)Other than the unit returned, place 1 random purple unit in the EX Pocket onto the field.

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