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Version Date Details
1.5.3 01 October 2020 Updated with The Tale of Amatsu no Kuni!
1.5.2 01 July 2020 Updated with Adventures of a Tiny Hero!
Updated the front page with Card and Decks of the day!
Updated all unit cards with their updated design with the tribes.
1.5.1 17 June 2020 Implemented browsing and filtering by Tribes.
Added recommended cards on individual card details page.
Began working on a log-in system.
1.4.4 08 March 2020 Fixed an issue with Deck Builder only saving 29 cards.
Improved the user experience with the Deck Builder.
Added more details to the Decks page.
1.4.3 08 March 2020 Fixed issues with chatbot registration.
Optimized the deck builder's load time.
1.4.2 02 March 2020 Updated with Haunted by Memories!
1.4.1 07 January 2020 Updated with The Force Seekers!
1.4.0 08 December 2019 Deck Builder released!
1.3.1 16 November 2019 Fixed a bug with subscribing yourself to the Twitch Chatbot.
1.3.0 14 November 2019 Heroes page is now live!
1.2.1 10 November 2019 Fixed "Sacrifice" being missing from the Abilities filter.
Fixed markup for effects.
Added global search feature in the navigation bar.
1.2.0 09 November 2019 Released Twitch Chatbot integration. Find out more here.
Added filtering for abilities.
1.1.0 02 November 2019 Implemented filtering sans abilities. Currently still a work in progress.
1.0.0 01 November 2019 Initial release!
Up to date with all cards (sans Explores), up till The Devils Awaken expansion.

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