Action cards


Desperate Act
Desperate Act TDA
Mastery of the Hado
Mastery of the Hado TFS
Second Wind
Second Wind TFS
Pleasure in Destruction
Pleasure in Destruction TFS
Price of Support
Price of Support BASIC
Inheriting Ambition
Inheriting Ambition BASIC
Supply Case
Supply Case ADA
Murderous Hands
Murderous Hands BASIC
Path of Destruction
Path of Destruction BASIC
Defect BASIC
Death's Executioner
Death's Executioner ATH
Central Park Ruins
Central Park Ruins AVP
The Lurking Sickles
The Lurking Sickles AVP
Photo of the Scene
Photo of the Scene AVP
Danger Zone Report
Danger Zone Report AVP
Whipped Into Shape
Whipped Into Shape AVP
Gathering Evil
Gathering Evil BOA
Deadly Resonance
Deadly Resonance BOA
Dark Condemnation
Dark Condemnation BOR
Purge the Heretics
Purge the Heretics BOR
Psycho Power
Psycho Power COR
Sad Mutation
Sad Mutation COR
Cruel Game
Cruel Game COR
Gathered Souls
Gathered Souls COR
False Throne
False Throne COR

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