Genma Onslaught - now LIVE!

When the gates of hell sealed under Inabayama Castle open, a new tale will be told in Amatsu no Kuni!

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It's That Thief! [ADA 044]

ADA expansion pack

Decks of the day
  • Ryu Metsu Shoryuken 4 units 26 actions 24750 souls
  • Ryu Shinku-Hadouken 21 units 9 actions 9300 souls
  • Nergigante Spike Divebomb 16 units 14 actions 14050 souls
  • Jill Valentine Genesis 17 units 13 actions 41100 souls
  • Jill Valentine Antibody Activation 17 units 13 actions 39200 souls

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